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Cat-Proofing Your Blinds

Cats can purr their way into your heart and home! These adorable pets love to sit on the window ledge to bathe in the sun’s rays and watch the world go by. However, they find window coverings a nuisance and will bite, claw, and crawl their way through to peek outside from the coveted window seat. Cats also like to play with the cords that dangle from your blinds. These natural cat activities create havoc for your window treatments! Don’t despair. There are a number of ways to cat-proof your window coverings.

  • Cat-proof the windowsill: Place a small piece of carpet, upside down, on your window ledge. Cats dislike the texture and will avoid sitting on it. Double sided tape has a similar effect on felines. 
  • Keep the blinds raised on your cat’s favourite window. If you need privacy, raise the blind part way and install a café curtain on a tension rod.
  • Give your pet a special place: Consider leaving one window uncovered for your feline to enjoy. Ideally, one with a view of a bird feeder or a busy street. Place a cat perch in front of the designated window and rub it with catnip to make it extra appealing. 
  • Use citrus spray to deter your cat from climbing on or scratching your blinds. They dislike the smell!
  • Keep cords tucked away so they don’t become cat toys. Hang a hook on the wall and wrap your cord around it or install a cord winder or cord cleat.
  • Choose cordless window treatments: There are an array of cordless products and blinds with anchored lift systems which eliminate the problem of dangling cords. You can also choose shades with wand openers as they are less appealing to cats.
  • Buy cat friendly window treatments: Vertical blinds allow your cat to slip in and out without damage and individual louvers can be replaced if needed. Shutters are rigid and able to handle curious cats. It’s easy for a feline to slip behind roller shades and they won’t collect dust and pet hair. If wide slat horizontal blinds are left tilted, they allow your pet to see out easily. Faux wood horizontal blinds are heavy duty and more cat resistant than other materials. Consider accordion-style shades and open one panel to accommodate your pet. Panel blinds, made with a tightly woven fabric or smooth surface, also work well.
  • Train your cat: Keep a squirt bottled near your window and spray your cat with water when you catch him on the ledge. He’ll soon associate the unpleasant shower with being near your blinds. A sharp noise (a whistle or a shaken can of coins) may also create the startle response you need. 

If your window coverings have become the ultimate toy for your cat or your pet has destroyed your favourite shades, try one or more of these suggestions to cat-proof your blinds! If your cat has been waging war on your blinds, call Blinds West (403-270-9696), a division of West Hillhurst Paint and Design. We can help you find a cat-friendly solution!