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Choosing Shades for the Family Room

The family room is the heart of the home. It’s where we sip tea or coffee, read a book, catch up with family and friends, watch TV and play board or video games with the kids. It’s the room where we relax and feel at ease. When choosing window coverings for the family room, you need to consider aesthetics and functionality. So, what are the best shades for a family room? There is no one answer! It depends on your needs, taste and values. 

  • Energy Efficiency: Your windows account for 25 to 40% of your annual heating and cooling costs! If you’re interested in energy efficient window coverings, you can’t go wrong with Cellular Shades. Long, open channels trap air providing an extra layer of insulation at the window. They come in many pleat sizes, colours, patterns, textures and opacities and will work with any family room décor. Shutters are energy efficient, durable, sound absorbing and offer the timeless beauty of rich hardwood. Thermal lined roman shades are an excellent choice as an insulating window treatment. If fit snugly against the wall, they create a seal and stop the movement of air.
  • Light Control: If light control is what you’re after, try a light filtering shade with a room darkening back panel. Vertical blinds are also great for controlling the light. They look elegant whatever the length and can be adjusted to be open, closed or tilted. Wood Blinds are popular choice because of the traditional look, aesthetic appeal and light control. They add warmth and coziness to the family room.
  • UV protection: UV rays can fade and damage artwork, fabrics, carpet, hardwood floors and wood furniture. To protect your family room and its contents, try solar shades. They offer excellent UV protection and come in many fabrics, opacities and colours. Shutters will filter approximately 75% of the sun’s rays and Blackout shades are excellent for blocking light.  
  • Elegance: Want a soft, elegant look in your family room? Choose flat roman shades made of one continuous piece of fabric that lays flat in front of your window or try waterfall roman shades that feature soft cascading folds that ripple down the face of the fabric giving a soft finished look. Consider sheer shades for a soft look. They’ll transform harsh rays into a warm glow. Try shades that gracefully open and close along a single sheer backing or vanes that appear to float between two sheers. Sheer window shades come in different vane sizes, can be semi-opaque or room darkening and are available in a variety of colours, textures and patterns. Woven Wood shades also bring softness and charm to a family room. Made from natural materials (bamboo, grasses, reeds, jute), these tactile window coverings are a perfect choice.
  • Safety: If it’s safety you’re after, a cordless shade is a good idea. Without dangling cords, parents and pet owners can be free of worry of injury and/or strangulation. There is a design, material and colour of cordless shade for your family room that meets your needs and fits your budget.

The best window treatment for your family room is the one that satisfies your needs and looks great! Don’t limit yourself! Shades, blinds and/or shutters will work for your family room.

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