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Creative Ideas for Kitchen Blinds

The kitchen is the heart of the home; the source of nourishment, the center of family gatherings, the place where conversation happens and homework is completed. We make sure the countertops are gleaming, the work flow is efficient, and the appliances are state of the art. But are the window coverings appropriate for the space? Are they colourful and creative, yet able to stand up to the use and conditions of the kitchen? There are some important points to think about when choosing your kitchen blinds. 

  • Consider water, grease and steam: Are your windows located where they’ll be exposed to food splatter, water and steam? Are they close to the sink, stove or food prep area? If so, faux wood blinds and shutters or vinyl blinds are a great choice. They’re easy to clean (soap and water), won’t warp or bow with heat/humidity changes, and won’t rust. These window coverings are practical and stylish, come in a variety of colours and can be ready-made or made to measure.
  • Ponder colour and interest: If your window location is safe from heat, splatter and moisture consider making a bold statement with your window covering. Introduce texture, pattern and visual interest with Roman shades, roller shades or woven wood shades. They look great in modern and traditional settings, energize a neutral space and can brighten and uplift your kitchen. 
  • Soften hard kitchen edges: If your kitchen is filled with hard surfaces and stainless steel fixtures that bounce the light about, consider sheer shades to soften the look. They’ll transform harsh rays into a warm glow. Try shades that gracefully open and close along a single sheer backing or vanes that appear to float between two sheers. Sheer window shades come in different vane sizes, can be semi-opaque or room darkening and are available in a variety of colours, textures and patterns. Woven wood shades also bring softness and charm to a kitchen. Made from natural materials (bamboo, grasses, reeds, jute), these tactile window coverings are a perfect choice. 
  • Think about temperature: Is your kitchen cool in the winter and hot when the summer sun comes out? Cellular shades are made to provide an extra layer of insulation at the window. They’ll help control the temperature in your kitchen, year round. With numerous fabrics, colours, textures, pleat sizes and opacities available, they’ll fit any kitchen décor. Consider using them on your sliding doors and windows. 
  • Contemplate privacy: If your kitchen window faces the neighbor’s home or looks out onto the street, try blinds, shutters or shades to increase privacy. Venetian blinds allow for light and privacy control, are durable and suitable for any window size. Try top-down/bottom-up shades designed to allow light in from above while maintaining privacy, or consider woven wood shades with a privacy liner. Slatted wooden shutters with narrow louvers also provide plenty of privacy while still allowing light into your room.

Take the time to select the correct window coverings for your kitchen. Observe how much heat gain and loss your kitchen experiences. Take note of where the windows are located. Think about privacy, colour, and interest. Then consult your local blind experts. We will help you find the perfect window treatment for your kitchen windows. 

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