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What Are the Best Blinds for a Door?

Glass doors are stunning! Doors with windows are lovely! These portals open your home to outdoor views and allow in natural light. However, they can compromise privacy and there are times when you don’t want the light. Blinds are a logical solution. Finding the right blinds for glass doors and door windows can be tricky. Use the following tips to help you find the perfect blinds for your door.

French doors add sophistication to a home but pose unique challenges when choosing coverings. Purchase shallow blinds in order to fit comfortably between the door and the handle. One inch roller shades and honeycomb shades work well. French doors have no depth so choose window treatments with an outside mount. You may require extension brackets or spacer blocks for proper clearance. To prevent your blind from swinging when the door is opened or closed, install hold down brackets. Vertical blinds can be used but only if your door opens outward.  

Sliding glass doors are a stylish choice, but they’re usually located in a high traffic area. Choose a durable window treatment that can handle daily use. Because they open vertically, select a covering that opens in the same direction. If you’re looking for light control, sliding panels are a great choice. They’re available in woven woods, fabric and solar screen materials. Vertical blinds are easy to clean, provide light control, are affordable and are strong enough to handle frequent use. They can be adjusted to cover the stationary portion of the door while allowing access through the other panel. Mount them on the ceiling or with a coordinated valance. Soft vertical blinds are a good choice. They offer the functionality of a vertical blind and the luxurious look of sheer drapery. Cellular shades have a slim, modern look and their insulating properties make them an energy efficient choice for sliding glass doors. Durable shutters are another option.

Door windows come in many shapes and sizes. Aluminum blinds and cellular shades are a good window treatment for a door. They’re inexpensive, come in a variety of colours and can be purchased in many widths allowing you to find an option that fits. Sidelight windows pose a privacy issue and it’s important to consider how the window treatment appears from the outside. Honeycomb shades, wood blinds, mini blinds, shutters and roller shades work well for this situation. If you have a curved window in your door, arched window coverings are your answer. Cellular arches that fan into a semi-circle and wood arches that create a sunburst of slats are two options.  

No matter what the size and shape of the window in your door or how many French or sliding glass doors you wish to cover, there is a window treatment that can work for you. If you are unsure of which blinds to choose, talk to your blind provider. They’ll have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help you solve your window covering challenges!

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